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Mission Partner Applications

Mission Partner Applications

# News from our Mission Partners
Published on Tuesday, 25 September 2018 10:27


There are three categories for applications to the Mission in Action (MiA) group for support. Please download and complete the correct form, and return it to the Church Office by email, via the church pigeon hole or by post. 

For those applying for short term trip support, please read our MiA Guidelines for Giving: a document which outlines our criteria and a guide to the funding available depending on your trip/ project.

1. Mission Partner - Individual (long term)

2. Mission Partner - Organisation

3. Mission Support - Individual (short term)

The MiA will meet approximately every two months and review all applications received one week before the next meeting. They will send responses and, where applicable, make payment within a month of this meeting.


All of our mission partners are asked to keep in touch with the church via a “Link Person”.  This is a member of Highfield Church who takes an active interest in the Mission Partner and their ministry, prays for them, and ensures that there is communication between the mission partner and church. The overall role is to be able to act as an advocate for the mission partner within the church. Link Person guidelines can be found here.


If you require further information or assistance please contact the MiA Chair/Church Office.