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God's Faithfulness: Our Help and Our Hope

God's Faithfulness: Our Help and Our Hope

# Internal Updates
Published on Monday, 26 October 2020 12:00

Back in March 2020 as lockdown began, almost overnight church suddenly looked very different (you can read our response to the COVID-19 lockdown season here).

At the start of September 2020 we began to re-open our building and move forwards in line with easing restrictions, holding services again on Sundays (you can read the update from Mike Archer, Priest-in-Charge, about how and when this happened here).

In October 2020, the church held its Annual Parochial Church Meeting, and Mike shared what God had been laying on his heart as we continued in what felt like a newly established season. Mike re-recorded all that he said at the meeting so that those who weren't able to make it can hear his thoughts on The Way Ahead (click here to watch the video).

In January 2021 as Lockdown 3 began, Mike wrote to the congregation once more to explain how we would close the building for in person services but that church would still very much be alive through our online services and online small groups. He reminded us of the importance of prayer in this challenging time (click here to read the Vicar's Letter January 2021).