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The climate crisis is one of the most pressing issues we face in this time. Thousands have protested over the last few years and the effect of the crisis has impacted many. Yet, how is God asking us to respond? As we take action, it's important to have a biblical understanding of creation. We are called to steward creation, and as a church we want to take that calling seriously in the way we live as individuals and gather together as a community. Caring for creation is part of our worship and something we do out of our love for God.
From 12 March we will start a four part sermon series, Creation Care: "Creation is good and God loves it", "Whose world is this?", "Our role to look after creation" and "Creation Praises God". We'll be unpacking scripture during our Sunday services and going deeper in small groups as we use the midweek teaching notes to grow together.
As part of our Creation Care series, we want to encourage you to celebrate the creation we see each day. Whether it's a sunset, beautiful flowers, the running river, or local wildlife, we would love you to send in photos or drawings of God's creation in Southampton. We will update the gallery below with the photos that have been submitted to share with the wider church family as we continue to thank God for the world we live in. Click here to submit a photo.

Creation Care Updates