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Highfield at Home does United Breaks Out


Highfield at Home does United Breaks Out

Sunday, 2 August 2020 11:00 - 12:00
Highfield at Home does United Breaks Out

Join us at 11am, when instead of our usual Highfield at Home live stream, we will be streaming the morning celebration from New Wine's United Breaks Out digital conference.

In addition to worship there will be teaching from Nicola Neal who will be exploring the reality of 'God with us' during the challenges and pain of this last season. You can find the stream on the online worship page of our website, or head straight to New Wine's UBO website.

UBO starts on Thursday 30 July and you can find links to their other celebrations, seminars, kids work and more via the website. All of the content is free for everyone and so this is a great opportunity for those new to New Wine to find out more. As so much of United is based around community we've set up our own digital community on Facebook. We'd love to see your photos and stories of how you are replicating the New Wine experience at home, especially the floods, mud, and shower queues!

We would love to know what you are planning to watch, or have just watched, and even more importantly how God spoke to you and challenged you.  Use the group to recommend a seminar or throw out a question for discussion.