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YTH CHRCH on Easter Sunday


YTH CHRCH on Easter Sunday

Sunday, 4 April 2021 10:30
YTH CHRCH on Easter Sunday

Join us in person or watch along live on Youtube, the choice is yours! 

We are so excited to gather together and celebrate Easter together. 

We have the amazing Ben Jackson speaking to us and some amazing surprises planned. You do not want to miss this. 

Please reserve your in-person seat by completing the form at the bottom of this page

For the latest LIVE STREAM simply head to: 


At YTH CHRCH or vision is to REACH young people, to RAISE them as followers of Jesus and to RELEASE them as influencers of culture. 

We love creating space where young people can belong and join the YTH family. We live to see young people passionately following Jesus and being transformed by the Holy Spirit. We long to see young people inviting their peers to join the YTH family, not being influenced by culture but being influencers of culture. 

This is church aimed at young people but open to everyone! So get in touch and join the family, connect with using the link below: