Caring for Each Other

Caring for Each Other

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Published on Friday, 3 April 2020 00:00
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Practical Help
We have a team of volunteers who are responding to requests for help at this time; you can sign up to join the team here. Equally, if our team could help you, please send any request(s) to the team by emailing

We would love to support you in prayer at this difficult time. Please email any requests to

Small Groups
Small Groups have a crucial role in the Body always, but especially at this time when there is real stress and justified anxiety everywhere around us. 

⁠If you're in a Small Group, we hope that you'll share your pastoral and practical care needs with each other, and pick up the responsibility of supporting one another (Galatians 6: 2). Pastoral staff will be checking in with Small Group Leaders to ensure that they are being adequately cared for as well.⁠

If you're not in a Small Group, please consider joining a Prayer Six.

Guidance on Mental Health and Wellbeing and Coronavirus
This guidance aims to help ministers and others who are offering pastoral support to better understand the sorts of mental health and wellbeing issues that individuals within their communities might be experiencing and offer support; and for us all to be aware of our mental health and wellbeing and the need to try to stay both physically and mentally well at this time. 

Here are some tips based on ones the Mental Health Foundation has produced that will help clergy, pastoral teams, and other members of the church and community to look after your mental health at a time when there is much discussion of potential threats to our physical health.

Domestic Abuse
While some domestic abuse support services are not able to offer face to face meetings at this time, there is still help and advice available online and over the phone - find local and national organisations who are working hard to ensure they can still provide support listed in this poster by The Hampshire Constabulary.