On Sundays we gather together with the wider church community to worship God and learn together.


We have four services on a Sunday, each with a slightly different style. Most students choose to attend the evening service, but there are a number of students at every service. All services have a form of worship with Bible based teaching on either a theme or a book of the Bible. Our service times and styles are as follows: 

  • 08:00 – This is a spoken service.
  • 09:15 - This is our family service with children’s work. The worship style is contemporary. Many students serve at this service. 
  • 11:00 – We worship accompanied by the organ and choir at this service. If you prefer a little more structure, you’d enjoy worshipping here. 
  • 18:30 – This is our contemporary service with a band. There are many opportunities for response and prayer ministry. Many students attend this service. Come with expectation.


Sundaes on Sundays

After our Evening service, the students all pile into the Church Centre for ice cream, drinks and games. This is a great time to chill out, meet some other students, and enjoy the student community as a whole.