Infant baptism/thanksgiving and adult baptism

Infant Baptism/Thanksgiving and Adult Baptism

Here at Highfield we are always pleased to be asked to celebrate the birth of children and to welcome young children into God's family. This celebration is sometimes known as "baptism," sometimes as "christening" and sometimes as "dedication."

We offer two different services - thanksgiving and baptism - both of which take place in front of the whole congregation on a Sunday. The thanksgiving service is a great way of praying for God's blessing on a child and his/her family. It creates an atmosphere of openness to God but asks for no promises or statements of faith from the child's family.

In the baptism service, parents and godparents publicly declare their faith in Jesus and their willingness to bring a child up to know Jesus within the life of the local church.

We run a baptism course for those seeking to have their children baptised - contact us for more information.

For adults, we believe Jesus asks us to get baptised when we decide to follow him. Baptism is the service where those who have come to faith publicly declare themselves to be followers of Jesus Christ and are welcomed into the church. If you consider yourself to be a follower of Jesus we would love to chat to you about being baptised, please get in touch.