Tastelife is about just that: tasting life. tastelife believes in breaking free from eating disorders, and rediscovering life in all its fullness.

Four million people in the UK suffer from eating disorders. And these are only the ones who have actually made it to their doctors and become part of the statistics! For these people and their friends and family this is devastating and unfortunately knowledge about how to treat them is little understood amongst general practitioners.

tastelife, a course to help fill this gap, was written by Di Archer and Jean Hart who both had daughters with eating disorders. It is now published and on sale to the public. tastelife is about to become a national charity and is being run in different areas of the country. The course aims to introduce all the tools needed to break free from the crippling effects of eating disorder behaviours or to help their carers support them back to tasting life again.

If you, or anyone you know is interested in coming on the course, check out the tastelife website. You can contact us through there or by emailing Jean on jean.hart@tastelifeuk.org or on 023 8078 4213.