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Jesus described himself as 'The Good Shepherd', one who cares for his followers and searches for those who are lost or in trouble.


Our pastoral team, trained in pastoral care under the Priest-in-Charge’s leadership, are available to visit anyone needing help, or simply to listen or perhaps pray with them.

Anyone facing sickness or bereavement, at a time of crisis, or in times of special joy, such as the birth of a baby, are welcome to a visit, no matter what the situation. They are very pleased to visit any newcomers who want to know more about the church. We also support the work of tastelife, a charity that offers hope for those suffering with eating disorders, and help for their supporters, through an eight-session community course.


We have dedicated prayer teams who are on hand to pray at each service, each Sunday. They're there for everyone, so whether you're prompted to ask them to pray with you following the talk, or just have something on your mind that you'd like to pray through with someone, do ask them and they'd be very willing to!


We realise that praying with others can sometimes be daunting so we have a box at the back of church that collects requests each Sunday. If there's something you'd like prayer for, and would feel more comfortable writing it down for our prayer team to read and pray for later, please do!


Prayer is not just for Sundays! All are welcome to join us for our midweek prayer meetings. Please check our events calendar for more details about upcoming meetings. 


Life isn't always easy, which is why we have a fantastic team who offer support throughout the challenging times. If you would like to chat about something that is happening in your life, please contact the Pastoral Team directly or via the Church Office, who will put you in touch.


This gentle form of extended prayer helps people to deal with emotional pain, resulting in the healing of past wounds and hurts. It encourages them to engage with the process of forgiveness and enables them to deepen and improve their connection with Father, Son & Holy Spirit. For further details or to book an appointment, please contact the Church Office.