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We hope that you'll find events and/or courses of interest to connect with this year. Find out further details about what's on offer by viewing our group and courses calendar and/ or by contacting our Church Office.


All newcomers are invited to join us for a cuppa and chance to meet other congregation members and staff as we meet on Sundays once a term between 4.30-6pm. If you are new, please do come along, we would love to welcome you to Highfield. To find out about our next gathering and obtain venue details, please contact the Church Office.


Our ministries offer a range of events throughout the year. From Holiday Club (for children and young people) to Holiday at Home (for older people who are young at heart), our Young Adults' Weekend Away to whole church weekends in the New Forest, we hope to offer events that span generations and offer something for everyone. For upcoming events, visit our events calendar. 


Our courses offer support and a chance to chat about specific topics at various life stages and along your faith journey. Included in our current annual programme are: Alpha, Baptism Preparation, the Marriage and Love after Marriage courses. They tend to be distributed throughout the year, so for next course dates and further details, visit our courses page