The Big Church Quiz


The Big Church Quiz

Saturday, 30 May 2020 18:30 - 20:30

The Big Church Quiz - Saturday 30 May 2020

What are the timings?

#  Start at 6.30pm and Finish by 8.30pm

#  Half-time break for essential drinks, snacks or even ice creams - provide your own!

Who can take part?

#  Anyone!  There will be a range of questions and topics to suit all ages and abilities.

#  Play as an individual, a family, a household, a small group or just a group of friends.

#  Why not invite someone to join with you?

#  There are no church-related questions so anyone can play, and all are welcome.

What do I need to do to take part?

#  If you’re playing with others, for example over Zoom, decide how you’re going to collaborate and get linked up in advance.

#  Join us just before 6.30pm on our YouTube channel -  

#  Enter a name for your ‘team’ in a Google document that we will link to below the video.  There will be extra points for the best team names!

#  Sit back, watch and listen to each round of questions.  There will be 10 questions per round with 20 marks available for each round.

#  Watch and listen as we go through the answers.  Mark your own answers and keep a running total of your score.

#  Tell us your score when we reach the half way point using the Live Chat facility.

#  Most importantly – enjoy!